Red dot does not disappear

03-23-2023 05:42 AM
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Dear all, I am working on a survey for reporting bird flu. I use the web-based version (3.17). Despite the fact that I save the project and then immediately Publish, a message remains that changes have been made (the red dot next to Publish). This red dot appears when I switch from the "Design" tab to another tab. However, I don't change anything. Does anyone know how this is possible? Thanks!

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Hello @WilmerWoudwijk1

This is a defect with the Survey123 website (BUG-000154545) please feel free to reach out to Esri Technical Support to attach yourself to the defect. 

Unfortunately there isn't a workaround to the issue, but the issue is a UI glitch meaning the survey will function as expected and any updates or republishes of the survey will complete successfully the issue is the notification is incorrectly displaying.  

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