inbox map does not showing correct location with repeat group geoshape and geopoint in Survey123 app

03-23-2023 12:05 PM
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Dear anyone can help this.



I am using two group of page 

1. group - general

2. group - shapes

 2-1. repeat group with geoshape (to collect muliple polygons)

 2-2 repeat group with geopoint (to collect multiple points)

and I added "allowUpdates=true query"  in 'bind::esri:parameters' column of each begin repeat and end repeat for geoshape group and geopoint group.


I want to use 'map' in 'inbox' of survey123 app so that my collegues find easily polygons or points to edit exigiting data 

I submited 3 surveys for test but it does not show correct location of polygons in map tab of survey123 app( because I have polygons nearby the lake(in the center of map) but I only can see numbers located at my real location (the location that I submited records)



Thank you so much if someone can help me with this.


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