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Open Field Maps/Collector from Survey123 and Push Attributes

06-06-2022 02:05 PM
Occasional Contributor III

The documentation is pretty clear for opening a Survey123 form from a different app like Collector/Field Maps, and push attributes from them to Survey123.  I see some documentation for opening another app from Survey123 through something like (which is my current work flow):  

<a href="arcgis-collector://?itemID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX">Launch Collector To GPS Lateral</a>

What I want to know is it is possible to open Field Maps (or Collector) from Survey123, and push over attributes from Survey123 to a yet to be collected feature in Field Maps and then collect the geometry from an RTK receiver?  The idea is why retype attributes if you don't have to in field maps.  Here is what I would like to do from the current link I have set up from a note field (see example above that works currently) in Survey123:


<a href="arcgis-collector://?itemID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&field:inspectiondate_dt={inspectiondate_dt}&field:siteaddress_txt={siteaddress_txt}&field:contractor_txt={contractor_txt}&field:typeinspection_so={typeinspection_so}&field:sewersize_so={sewersize_so}&field:sewersizeother_txt={sewersizeother_txt}&field:sewermaterial_so={sewermaterial_so}&field:sewermaterial_so={sewermaterial_so}&field:watersize_so={watersize_so}&field:watersizeother_txt={watersizeother_txt}&field:watermaterial_so={watermaterial_so}&field:watermaterialother_txt={watermaterialother_txt}&field:itemplotted_txt={itemplotted_txt}&field:tracerwire_so={tracerwire_so}&field:depth_txt={depth_txt}&field:generalcomments_txt={generalcomments_txt}">Launch Collector To GPS Lateral</a>


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Esri Contributor

Hi David

Basically you need to Base 64 encode the values.

I found a post that discussed possible fixes to this issue:

I hope it works for you

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Thanks Deon,  I am not sure exactly how to encode the values.  It looks like it is pushing from one of the apps to Survey123 not the reverse.  My form is designed through Connect and published up to AGOL, and I would like to push from Survey123 to Collector/Field Maps.  I have yet to find anything about how open up Field Maps like I did for Collector via a link.

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