new "template" feature released 10/26/22 not working

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10-27-2022 09:49 AM
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the new "template" feature released yesterday seemed straightforward however I've quickly run into two issues:

  1. upon creation of a new group to be the place to share the desired templates, that new group would not populate in the dropdown, I was able to workaround that by just using an existing group that had few items, but still a concern of sorts
  2. more importantly, the surveys that are now shared with the desired group show up as templates for me but not for other users, the video/guidance provided simply stated that by choosing the group with the surveys all users in our organization with privileges to author surveys would be able to access those as templates, not the case so far

#1 is more informational but #2 is the one I'm truly desiring feedback on if available, thanks

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Hi @lmelendez_ADMIN,

The organization templates respect the sharing settings of each survey form item. So if you want all users in your organization to be able to access a template, you may want to check that the form item is shared with the organization. 


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ok, that seems odd though as the setting is under the "these settings will change the behavior of Survey123 for all users in your organization" concept and you are not in any way sharing your actual survey, only your design

for example the existing Esri/Community survey templates are not shared with me in any way but I can access them as templates that become my own once "used" (that would seem to be the intended concept of a template)

further exactly what collaboration settings are required?  share submission?  share results?  shared update group?

changing my existing collaboration settings will create duplicate surveys for other users that from an organizing perspective is not great (my "shared" survey would be available to them along with the version they end up creating from the template), not a no-go, but definitely not desirable for us as it will create some clutter along with some confusion

don't get me wrong I'm all in with the template idea, but hope my feedback can be incorporated if this is indeed the method

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@lmelendez_ADMIN  I will record a new video with more step by step instructions. Stay tuned, I will post here when available.

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thanks, looking forward to it

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