Nested repeats with answer recycling

04-20-2021 04:57 AM
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Hello there!

I'm currently building a survey with XLS-Forms with 2 nested repeats, and I want the survey to remember some parts for the next repeat.

The outer repeat is a simple counter for each messurement (1,2,3,4,...) and the inner repeat represents the data of the messurements. 

When I collect the data, the outer repeat block is set to 1 and the inner repeat is filled with data (A,B,C,D,...).

Now the outer block is repeated and is set to 2. I want the inner repeat block to remember the values of the first inner repeat block, so that the result of the second outer repeat will be 2 - A,B,C,D,... without me entering A,B,C,D,... again.

I hope that this was somewhat understandable. Thanks in advance!

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If you mean you want repeat 2 field1 to get the value of repeat 1 field1 then no.  This causes a loop as both are the same field name. Field1 = Field1 type logic.  If you do some searches you will find many posts on this.  I have been working with the 123 team on trying to do this for years now.

If it is a continuation and not the exact values then things like max(field) would work. 

You can now display the values using index-repeat but you can only display or add to a different field name not the same.

There may be another way to get close to what you want.  For example I created a defaults page that can add a common set of values.  See here

If you can post your form we may be able to come up with some ideas.

Hope that helps

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Hello Doug

Thank you for your quick answer. The links you have posted were very helpful. I reworked my form to use fixed variables for all repeats, because I think it is the easiest solution.


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