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Name rather than label displaying from external csv file when reviewing multiple entries

03-14-2022 01:40 PM
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Hello. I have repeat selections where users select a plant from an external csv file. I want it to store the name rather than the label, and that is working fine. When users enter several plants, they can see the label once they enter it. But they want to scroll back to review their previous entries. Then they see the meaningless (to them) name rather than the label.

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Is it the same as what I just posted?  Hard to tell without screen shots.  Can you add some please. 

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by Anonymous User
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Hi @jeri,

Is the select one text field mentioned above also an autocomplete appearance and inside a repeat? If so, I believe the problem is the same as the one identified in this post:

We are aware of this issue in latest 3.14 release and are looking into it.