Connecting Survey123 form to internally hosted SQL database table

02-24-2022 03:00 PM
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Is it possible to use an internally hosted SQL database (PostgreSQL or MS SQL) table as the source for the Survey123 form? Rather than a feature service that lives in AGO?


We'd like to have internal access to the table rather than a feature service. So basically each time a user submits records to the Survey123 form, we could preview the data/manipulate in our desktop software from our local database. 


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Hello @DrewskiFog

It's not possible to have Survey123 point directly to a SQL database table, Survey123 requires the use of an ArcGIS feature service. 

What you can do to consume the data in your SQL database in Survey123 is enable an Enterprise Geodatabase in your SQL database, register that Enterprise Geodatabase with an ArcGIS Enterprise organization and publish the data as a feature service, then point your survey to that feature service.

Please see these links for reference:

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Are you looking at having the submitted data in SQL, or have the Survey123 form pull from existing SQL data for something like a choice list?

If it's getting submitted data in SQL I've been working with Microsoft Power Automate webhooks to push the data into a SQL table.

If using existing tables for the survey, then I have that question as well, I'd love to use this instead of creating CSVs for choice lists.

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Hello, did you find a way to have the Survey123 form pull from existing SQL data for something like a choice list?


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