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Multiple Items in Outbox Sent at Once

08-04-2023 07:09 AM
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In our Survey123 "Compliance Inspection" app, there are instances when an inspector would visit several project sites in a day. Instead of completing the form and submitting it for each site, he would like to be able to fill out a form, save it as a draft (i.e., "Save in Drafts"), and repeat this process for other sites. Once he is back in the office, he wants to be able to edit the forms he saved which are now in his Outbox before submitting it. What we discovered is that upon editing and submitting one of the forms in his Outbox, Survey123 submits all of the forms in the Outbox. This appears to be a bug. Is there a workaround for this issue? Is it a known issue that will be addressed in future releases?

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I always assumed all the Outbox items sending was a "feature" and not a "bug" type of thing. An odd feature, but still a feature.

I'm a little more confused as to how something is moving from the Drafts folder to your Outbox? I have not experienced that yet. At least spontaneously happening, which it sounds like is happening here?

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