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How to email the contents of a Survey123 form to the respondent

08-03-2023 12:54 PM
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Looking for a way to email the contents of a submitted Survey123 form to the respondent (without using a third-party workflow service, such as Power Automate). Is there a way to do this directly from the code in the form? Alternatively, is there a way to return the information in a view that allows the submitter to screenshot?

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Ignoring any differences as to how the survey is administered (web vs field app, AGOL vs Portal, etc), I'm not aware of any such out of the box functionality. Maybe it could be scripted in with Python or Javascript, but that's beyond me without a fair amount of research.

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Easiest: The lowest effort method of sending an email with survey contents is probably something like Medium or Make.

More difficult: Power Automate has gotten a lot simpler with Esri's new actions, but price is probably higher, plus a potential IT component depending on your business. FME is also an option, but if Power Automate is a non-starter, this is definitely out.

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