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03-16-2021 11:42 AM
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I am conducting a survey where I need recreationists to pinpoint spots on a map where they've most frequently seen wildlife. I am asking four questions and asking for one geopoint from each one. I need this data to be able to be extracted and put on a single story map later on with about a dozen digital stories as well. How can I best set up my coding so that this data can be viewed on a single map? I tried using null but was unable to publish the survey at the end. Now I am using repeats (sandwiching my four geopoint questions with "begin repeat" and "end repeat" - each has the type "geopoint" and appearance "minimal." I left repeat_count empty) but am still getting several issues: 1) it still won't publish at the end because I am asking for four geopoints and 2) there is still an option after the fourth map to click the right arrow and get a second form of four more maps.

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You would just make one geopoint question and do the repeat 4 times.  That is how repeats work.  

You can set repeat count to 4 to limit it.

Now to get fancy what I do is a pulldata to figure out summer, winter, etc. (pulldata csv just has a column for 1 summer, 2 .. etc)  But since you just have 4 options I would just do an if.

So make a note that says Where is the ... then a calc of if(position(..) = 1, "Summer", if ...etc)

You could even make it all one line by having the label be Where ... ${season} where season is a calculate field with the if above. 

Ahh I hope that short description makes sense.


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