How can Survey123 data pass from a related table to the attributes in the parent feature layer?

03-16-2021 01:36 PM
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Reaching out to my community to hopefully save myself some time on this one.

I have a workflow where I have a link to Survey123 form that I am using through the Collector app (it's embedded in a pop-up). The workflow is designed for field staff collecting data on stream segments.

This process works well, but I am currently stuck on the next step, where I need to have some of the attributes that are being collected in Survey123, carry over to the parent feature layer's attributes.

I have 10 fields in the parent feature layer for conditions of the stream segment. I have maps displaying these various attributes in ArcGIS Online and so, I would like to be able to have them display the most recent attribute conditions that are collected by field staff. 

I have a related table that is storing the Survey123 Results. The parent stream segment layer has a GlobalID field. The related 'Survey123 Results' table is connected to the parent layer through a 'GUID' field that matches the GlobalID. 

My first question is, do I even need to update the 10 attributes in the parent stream segment layer for display purposes in the maps OR can I / should I use some arcade expressions that call upon the attributes in the related table? If yes, how should I approach this with the expression?

Second, if I do need to update the attributes in the parent feature layer from the related Survey123 results table, can I use arcade to calculate these new values directly in AGOL? Or should I incorporate a python script on the back end? Ideally, I would like to be able to do this all in AGOL, and have it done on a frequent basis as staff will be collecting daily this summer in the Collector/Survey123 apps. 

Or is there a better solution for this in Web AppBuilder?

Tagging @XanderBakker,, @IsmaelChivite, and @DougBrowning here as I have seen similar posts they have made regarding these workflows. 

Any thoughts are appreciated. 

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