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Multiple fields to be added to an existing hosted feature layer - is it worth republishing completely?

04-03-2023 01:34 PM
Occasional Contributor

Hey all,

I'm at a bit of a crossroads with an existing hosted feature layer I have which feeds into numerous surveys, a couple of webmaps, and a dashboard.


Essentially two of the related tables needs to undergo a schema change where 11 fields need to be changed from an integer to a text field (due to the need to change questions from a quantity value to a simple yes/no).

This hosted feature layer and suite of surveys is early enough in its life-cycle that there is minimal data in them, but it will eventually grow and have quite a large dataset.


Would it be worth cleaning up the schema, any affected domains, and field order, then republishing the hosted feature layer given the early lifecycle of this dataset?

Corresponding items would need to be updated to the new hosted feature layer (surveys, maps, dashboards, etc.) though that should be relatively straightforward to do via AGO Assistant.

Is this is a worthwhile endeavour or should I just add the required fields, delete the retired fields, and add any domains to the existing hosted feature layer? Could that cause any inherent issues with the dataset down the road?

Thanks in advance!

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