Make user only select the select one/multiple button labels

01-04-2023 04:55 AM
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We have made a large survey for the survey123 app that contains select one/multiple questions. The problem is that while scrolling on the right of the screen, the user sometimes accidentally changes the selection of the select_one/ select_multiple questions because the trigger area is extended all the way to the right. Is there a way to only limit this to only clicking on the checkboxes or labels?

The problem is that depending on the answer, other questions appear. The entered values of a question are deleted when questions are hidden again when people accidentally click an option during scrolling.


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I posted this a few years ago but never got anywhere on it.

and here

I had the same problem where users filled out a ton of data then when scrolling to review it, then they hit the Not Collected button on the section by accident and then all their data was gone.

This was all using relevant since that was all there was at the time.  Then body::esri:visible came out and I changed to that.  Then all it does is hide the questions but retains the values vs changing all to blank.  It was also a bit more stable.  Of course it does work a bit different and it does mean they could add data then say Not Collected but we felt it was worth it.

You can also flip the choices around so the Yes or something is on the right vs the left.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the tip. I wasn't aware body::esri:visible could be used for that. This seems indeed like the best solution for now.