Can I limit the area of selection for select_one type questions?

10-21-2020 06:56 AM
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I am using Survey 123 Connect to create a field app that will replace an older system. During testing, a concern was brought up that I haven't been able to figure out on my own. They like using the default vertical select_one question types for Yes/No questions, but they don't like that Yes/No can be selected if they touch the screen anywhere horizontally adjacent to the choices. Is there a way to limit the choice selection to just when the circle to the left of the choice is touch/clicked on. I appreciate any help! Thanks!

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 The only thing i can think off is using an .svg and the image map functionality 

preparing the svg can be awkward but its useful once you get it to work and it works well . We use it for selecting body Parts that may have been injured so a simple yes/no image should be more straightforward 

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