Make survey ribbon full screen

10-27-2022 08:25 AM
New Contributor III

there any way to make the survey ribbon wider or to remove the background image and have the survey be the only content when opening up? I know this typically can be done with html code but we don't have the ability to edit that info 

basically only want to see the info in the red box. 



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Esri Notable Contributor

At the very end of the survey URL add ?hide=theme,footer,navbar

For example:<YOURITEMID>?hide=theme,footer,navbar


More info here: 

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New Contributor III

This really helpful but there a way to make the survey ribbon the full width of the page? or is that just the design we are working with? 

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Esri Regular Contributor

In the blog Ismael linked:

Adjusting the width of the survey in the screen (width)


The width parameter sets the width, in pixels, of the survey in the screen. For example:


Note that you would be extending it via pixels, so how much of the screen it takes up will vary depending upon the user's screen size. 

- Jen
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