Linked PullData csv updated, form not updated

05-19-2021 08:12 AM
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I have two CSVs attached to numerous surveys: The first is a list of names for a select_one_from_file. The second is a list of employee names and information (e.g., email, title, etc.).

Both CSVs are linked as external content. Both CSVs need to be updated once per week.

I have two web based surveys attached to these CSVs as well. I know that the web form only uses what is in the Media folder, so I update and republish those two surveys each week. (This is not a problem - just adding in the full process).

I update the CSVs through the Portal with the new data. This is successful.

When a survey is downloaded through the mobile app, both CSVs appear to be up to date.

My problem: When a survey is downloaded through the desktop app, the select_one_from_file updates, but the pulldata CSV does not. This creates a mismatch because there are a different number of names between the two CSVs.

Any ideas?

Yes, deleting and re-downloading the survey does work on the desktop app. This is not a reasonable solution to ask 1000 people to do this once a week. Also yes, renaming the CSVs works, but that is also not a reasonable solution because of how many surveys the CSVs are attached to, and that change would also require republishing all of the surveys.


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Hi @abureaux,

Just to confirm, what version of Connect and field app are you using? And is the CSV you are using for pulldata() added via Linked Content in Connect?

How do you open and launch the survey, are you using custom URL schemes?

Are you able to share your XLSForm and CSV files from media folder being used for this survey. If you can not publish here, send me a private message and I can take a closer look.



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@Anonymous User @ZacharySutherby we're experiencing the same issue with the field app. Updating the linked CSV via the Portal does update the options available using select_one_from_file but the pulldata function does not recognize the data added in the update. Oddly, pulldata works for the data in the csv prior to the update but not the data that was added as part of the update.

It is noteworthy that in the Connect form preview the pulldata works as expected. 

Connect: v3.12 on PC ; field app: v3.12 on macOS

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Hey @ShawnHarris_CAR,

Thank you for reaching out! If possible would I be able to obtain a copy of the esriinfo folder from one of the devices observing the behavior? This folder will be in /Users/username/ArcGIS/My Surveys/<survey Item ID>/esriinfo. What I'm looking for in that esriinfo folder is a gpkg file which will contain your choice list. I'm going to see if two tables may have been created in that file. Please feel fee to email the esriinfo folder if placing it on Esri Community is not preferable my email is

Also FYI please check out our deprecation notes for Survey123

Thank you, 


Thank you,
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Hey @ZacharySutherby -- thanks for offering help on the issue. I've sent the esriinfo folder and bug notes to your email. 

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Was there any further info on this since the last post? I have the same question. 

CSV file added via linked content and used in 6 different surveys. I update once a week (through the AGOL interface, replacing existing CSV with a new one using the same file name and column names).  I'm not seeing any of the forms updated with the new data (projects) in the CSV file, 60 minutes after updating the CSV.   I can see that the mobile app is downloading the new CSV when starting a survey due to the file size being reported, but the options haven't changed.  Same thing with the web form. 

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