Linked custom webmap issues at field app

09-15-2020 10:23 PM
Occasional Contributor II

We are experiencing some issues with the webmap that linked to the survey.

Our survey linked to custom web map which is set as the default basemap.

Most of the times it doesn't show up when the user is trying to locate the spot of the survey. Instead it arrives as a grey background:

The map is shared only with authorized group of users, the same one that authorized to work with a survey it linked to.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Guy,

Could you provide more details on your custom web map? What layers do you have in the web map? Are you able to see the custom web app in Connect when you choose it from the basemap chooser?

What version of field app are you running and what model and the operating system is the mobile device?


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Hi Shwu-jing Jeng,

Thanks for your quick respond.

Sorry for my late respond, I was out of the office.

I opened a support ticket few days ago on this subject.

When I provided the map details I've been told that my map include tiled cache layer that is not shared publicly - this is a

known issue which prevent the map from loading in Survey123.

Hope it will be fixed soon.