Survey 123 Issue - Can't delete question and can't post.

09-15-2020 08:39 AM
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Hello All,

Earlier today, I went in to make a change to one of my surveys and I noticed that nearly half the questions were missing in designer. At the bottom, there is a blank question, which appears to be out of order (see attachment). I can't delete this question or post any changes to the survey.

Has this happened to any of you before? I just wanted to check before having to rebuild this survey from scratch.

Thank you!

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Hi Austin,

That sounds very strange, I've not seen that before. Have you tried using the 'Save As' option from the Gallery page of the website? Even if that just makes a copy of the corrupted survey, at least you'll regain half of the questions (the ones that aren't missing) and will likely be able to continue to edit.

Hope this helps,


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