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Link to Survey Results No Longer Shows Data Tab

04-23-2024 12:35 PM
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I created a survey using the web application for a coworker who does not have an ArcGIS Online account. Last Friday (4/19) afternoon, he was able to see the data when he went to the web address under "Link to survey results." At the time, he could see the map, click on individual records, and edit them. All records in this survey were submitted by him.

However, about 30 minutes later (~4:00 pm CST), he was no longer able to see the data tab, map, and table from that same link. He could only see the results shown in the "Analyze" tab. I do not remember changing any settings during this time, and have since double-checked all the settings to confirm (see screenshot below). 

Screenshot 2024-04-23 142936.png

Did I inadvertently change a setting that no longer allows my coworker to edit submissions? 

I appreciate any suggestions or advice! 

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I've ran into a bug from time to time where it seems like the survey shown on the website has lost it's link to it's feature layer and now shows no records.  The feature layer is fine, it hasn't moved, it has all the data.  Last time it happened submitting a new record seemed to fix it.  I still haven't figured out exactly what causes it to happen.

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Thanks for your suggestion! Unfortunately, that didn't work for us. My coworker submitted a few new records yesterday afternoon, but we're still unable to see the data tab on the results screen.

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