Limit Inbox to surveys created by members of the user's own AGOL organization

03-07-2022 11:42 AM
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I have a survey that's hosted by my organization and is shared via a group with members of around 5 other AGOL organizations. 

A big part of the survey is revisiting surveys that have already been created, by finding them in the Inbox and updating the data.

I would like to limit it so that if you're part of AGOL organization A, the Inbox only shows you surveys created by a member of organization A, and so on.

So far I've tried to make use of the user's email address that was automatically populated as part of the data captured when a survey is first created, but the Inbox query expression doesn't seem to like substrings.

Anyone have a clever idea about how to achieve what I'm working on? I know that when the Inbox is opened or refreshed, the Survey123 application 'knows' about the logged-in user's username and email address using ${username} and ${email}, but there's nothing similar for their organization, correct?





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Hello @MatthewCarey

There is a pulldata @property that will return the portalinfo for the current authenticated user. This portal info property will include an orgID property that you can use to distinguish between users orgs. 

Do note that the portalinfo property returns a object, you'll need to use the string() function to access the response. 

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