Issue with Survey123 Website?

10-18-2021 10:39 AM
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We have a survey that we use quite often for the last 2 years that is embedded in a dashboard and today we got this error message:

ARCGIS_ISSUE (002).png

So I go to the Survey123 website and when I try and access the survey's settings I get the waiting to load screen:

ARCGIS_ISSUE (003).png

And I get this when trying to access all the surveys that I have published. 

I checked the AGO Health Dashboard and all is green.  Is anyone else seeing this issue??

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Hello @Brian_Laws

I'm not seeing this on my end. If you try creating a new test survey is the same behavior observed? If you try in an incognito window or another browser (testing to take out any browser cookies) is the same behavior observed? 

Thank you,
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