Relating existing Survey with logic to Collector map

10-15-2021 01:40 PM
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I have a very lengthly existing Survey that has many calculate, expression, and parameters inside of it. My client didnt think he needed a spatial component for the Survey until I was finished creating the schema for the form. He has existing data that needs to be edited and submitted and all tied together to a report at the end. I have seen videos about tying a Survey123 schema and Collector map together but the problem is, I cannot go to New Survey> Feature Service>  and design a new survey based on the fields alone.. I need the logic which is not stored in the feature service. I do not need to autopopulate fields from Collector to Survey.. just filling out a few fields in Collector and then going back to the Survey when completed. 

How do I tied together my existing Survey123 form and a newly created Collector app? 

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Hello @JohnnyHarley232

You'll need to enable the inbox for the Survey123 survey. From there you can use either the custom URL scheme or an app link to link from Collector to Survey123 and open the inbox. We have a defect logged where unfortunately at the moment the Survey123 Field App has an issue trying to open individual forms. What you can currently do is filter the inbox for the specific record but unfortunately at the moment Survey123 won't automatically open it the user will need to select the record.

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