issue with survey123 repeat_count

04-27-2020 05:51 AM
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I am having problems with the repeat_count when publishing a survey from Survey123 Connect. I have two repeats that are dependent on a select multiple field. If I select both options in the select multiple, then both repeat tables appear. If I select one then only the first repeat value appears. This all works fine. However, I want to limit my repeat_count to 1. Once I add the repeat count then I can click the select multiple options once and they will work fine, but as soon as I start unchecking them and checking them multiple times then they no longer appear/expand. The nesting functionality stops working. Is this a known bug in Survey123?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Shelby,

Can you please share your xlsx file so we can take a closer look?

Also, are you using AGO, and what version of Connect and the field app are you using?



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