Windows Survey123 Field App Update Automatic Notification

04-29-2020 05:17 AM
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Good moring.

Is there anything in place to automatically notify users that a new version of the Survey123 Field App for windows is available for download? It is common for some of our clients to have an older version downloaded, so we need to reach out to them to make sure they have the latest version installed. Prompting windows users that they need to install a new version will be highly beneficial.



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Hi Javier,

We have improved the application update available notification in 3.9, which will now be visible in the Settings menu in both Connect or the field when available on Windows. This was previously available in Connect, via the menu, however not the field app. Now it will be seen in both, but will require users to have 3.9 as a starting point for it to work properly. Here is what it looks like in 3.7 Connect:

And for 3.9 Connect and field app once 3.10 is available, you will see update notification at the bottom of the settings menu:

Also, from Survey123 3.9, both Connect and the field app are now supported in the Microsoft Store. The install from the store is the same as installing from the .exe files in terms of features and functionality, just that the install is managed via the store, so when updates are available the user will be notified, or the app can be updated automatically. However they are installed to different locations, so can be installed together, but only one is managed by the store. Therefore suggest only to use one or the other, not both for end users as it will be confusing. See Survey123 for ArcGIS Resources | Downloads, Training, Videos & Documentation for links to download from the Microsoft Store.



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Awesome Phillip.

This helps a lot.

Much appreciated.