How to collect data for a same location by multiple people?

04-24-2020 03:04 PM
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In the 123 Survey we would like to develop a form where land managers will answer certain questions about a treatment site for invasive plant species. Then a contractor, who will be treating the infestation at that site, will enter data for another set of questions while doing the treatment. What is the best way to have different people enter fields about the same geo-location in Survey 123? The managers can potentially enter their data before or after the contractor treat the site. Also we will need to add follow-up post-treatment data for the same site e.g. a month, a year, or 2 years after the treatment. Thank you.

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Hi Radka,

Yes, this is possible using the Survey123 field app and Inbox, and possibly having different surveys for the different workflows, that may have different number of questions or layout. The first user (manager) can fill in their required fields, then submit, the field worker can then download the same survey via Inbox, even if it uses a different survey design form pointing to same feature service, make their edits and submit again. A manager can then review and complete additional fields if required.



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