Have a drop down field with a default value and hidden

04-23-2020 08:17 AM
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I have a Survey123 that I'm building.  I have it started on the website.  What I need is a status field with a drop down as Active or Resolved.  When submitting the form the field should be defaulted to Active, and then after the fact we will have editors go in and change the status to resolved once the status changes in the field.  My question is can we have a field or more particularly a drop down field set to a default answer.  My second question is can this field not be shown on the actual survey so the people filling it doesn't have to see it or doesn't accidentally change it to resolved?

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Hi Lindsey,

Yes this is possible using Survey123 Connect and designing the xlsxform accordingly. Can you please share the xlsxform you have created with further explanation of which questions and the exact behaviour you are trying to achieve, and we can take a closer look.



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