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Is there an offline workaround/alternative to @layer queries?

08-22-2023 01:18 PM
Occasional Contributor

We record permitted harassment of protected species during certain construction activities. Part of our survey's work flow is to have the protected species observer (PSO) take a geopoint of their location, because it is difficult and time consuming to estimate and accurately place a geopoint for the location of the animal. I used to batch process the feature layer at the end of the season to shift the PSO geopoints to the recorded animal location. That had its own issues and I'm working on an updated Survey123 form that uses 2 geopoints, where the first geopoint is the PSO location and the 2nd geopoint is animal location adjusted based on the bearing/distance to the animal from the PSO location and is dynamically calculated in the form. 

As a constraint I have the 2nd geopoint query a waterbody polygon layer to see if the animal geopoint is within the polygon. If it is, the geopoint is valid, if it isn't it won't accept the point. A humpback whale 1 mile from the sea has its own set of problems.  All of this works smoothly in the form, except I'm using pulldata(@layer, getRecordAt) to check against the polygon. It works perfect if you're online, but we occasionally have PSOs that will be stationed on the backside of nowhere and cell/wi-fi is not available.  Is there a way to get the polygon feature service to download to the device with the survey and check against a locally stored copy rather than the hosted feature service?

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