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06-24-2020 09:53 PM
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We are using Survey123 website data page to filter and export data to excel. Our data base contains a hosted feature layer with two related table.

1. When trying to filter and export records from the related table the query returns the relevant  records. However when exporting to excel the file contains also all the records related to the parent features and not only the ones that were directly selected by the query and presented in the website data table.

2. In light of 1 and to be able to export subset of the related table data, we prepared another survey that includes only fields from the related table. The query in the web works fine. Export to excel is also OK when we filter the data with one expression. However when we filter the data with more than one expression, the selection works fine but when exporting the resulted excel includes only the titles with no records. 

As a result our users are not able to export the required  data and use it in other platforms.

We hope that there is a simple solution for this issue.


Laor and Guy

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Hi Laor and Guy,

Thank you for sharing your question, and I am sorry for the late reply here. Unfortunately, the first issue you encountered is currently by-design behavior. For exporting data, the filter only works on the main layer, and records in all the related layers will be exported. I am sorry there is no simple solution for the issue, but you could try using the filter in the excel, or try the feature report summary feature if the table in a word document is acceptable.

Your use-case is pretty reasonable, so I will record this in our repo for future product planning. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to contact Esri Support to raise an enhancement request for this issue. Our Support team will assign an official number for your records. This number can be used to search for and subscribe to the issue on the Esri Support site. If the issue is reported by other customers it will be attached to the same bug report, which helps us assess the impact of the issue and prioritize it accordingly.

For your second issue, I could not reproduce it according to the description. If it is possible could you please share more details about the second issue, so we can identify the reason for it? For example, which layer is the target of your first query and the second query? Do all of the main layer and related layers export no record?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Ruth


Thank you very much for your response.


1. We are glad to hear that you recorded this for future product planning. we are looking forward to see a solution.


2. In order to work around the problem raised in 1, we created another survey which based on the first level related table (we have layer with two levels of related tables). without a filter the whole database is exported accordingly to 3 Excel sheets, or 3 csv files. Although the survey was created only for first level related table. We expected to get records only from the first level related table (the one that the survey is based on).

When applying any filter (even one expression) we get only the title for first level related table and records for second level related table (which we didn't ask for).

We hope that description is more clear now.

Happy holydays and new year.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Laor and Guy


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Hi @laorors ,

Your issue should have been fixed, and it is available on prod. If possible could you please help verify if the fix works for you?