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Survey 123 Data in Sent folder not received in database.

10-10-2019 11:12 AM
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I have had several instances were records in the sent folder of Survey 123 Version 3.5 (has happened with several versions) Windows was not received in in the feature class.  Records are sent over the course of 3 months then reports are generated.  At this time it is realized that records in the Sent folder are not in the database, they must be copied and resent.  

We are in a rural area and the internet connection is over a wireless transmission for a a short distance. 

These records are labeled as Sent in Survey123, however, they are not received.  I plan on adding email alerts for the operators so they can alert me when data is not received.  

Does Survey123 confirm the data was sent and received, it would not appear so.  I do suspect it is due to our network setup in this particular scenario (but would like Survey123 to alert on this).  I have hundreds of records send a week over WiFi and 4G that have not had this issue.

Is the data sent over TCP or UDP connection?

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Hi TL,

On submission from the field app, the survey is only moved to the Sent box if the submission is successful and the server returns a successful response. If the submission fails, or there is no response from server, or there are network connectivity issues to the server, the survey will remain in the Outbox with an error until it can be successfully sent.

It sounds as if there may be some reason or the data is being removed from the feature layer after it has been sent through another application or process.

The Survey123 logs that can be collected in the field app would identify any issues with submitting surveys and would provide all the detailed information with responses from the server at each stage of the submission process. We would need to take a look at the logs from those submissions to identify the issue (if logging was enabled).



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Hi TL2

I would like to find out if you had managed to solve the problem, I am using 3.18 Connect and one of the field workers is experiencing the same problem where the surveys are in the sent folder but not received to the database. I will really appreciate if you can share the solution.