iOS Calculations from Repeat Slow

03-11-2022 08:35 AM
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I'm working on a fairly calculation-intensive survey that was greatly helped by the 3.14 release that revised the calculations engine. However, users are still running into significant slowdowns and occasional crashes with a particular repeat section that utilizes calculations in the repeat and then outside of it. The repeat also has a select-one autocomplete that pulls from a CSV file.

This only happens on iOS - Android and PC appear to be fine, though the section is slower than others. The full survey has 8 repeats currently - with 6 of those having image questions. I've tried removing various parts of the section to see if anything significantly speeds up, but have had no luck.

I've attached the XLS Form and the CSV file. Is there anything noticeable that could optimize the calculations and speed up the survey? Or anything that should be removed altogether?


Thank you for the assistance.

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