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Survey123 multiple filters from different columns in external choice csv

03-11-2022 02:25 AM
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Is it possible to retrive data from multiple columns in an external choice list?

I have few conditional cascading that I would like to be stored all in one external spreadsheet.

On the screenshot attached I have the external choice spreadsheet and on the right the survey that I am trying to build.

Is it possible to do multiple filtering in the same external spreadsheet? I don't find useful to build 4/5 spreadsheets.

Thank you


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do you want to retrieve data from multiple columns or filter list based on multiple columns?
for the last one, yes you can, on choice filter you can use and/or to filter the list based on multiple columns.

for the former question, I am not quite sure what do you mean? because you can retrieve multiple column by using multiple questions.

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