Integromat Feature Report Error

10-11-2019 11:33 AM
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I have an error message from Integromat that I can't figure out. I use Integrmat's webhook feature to watch for survey submittals, create a feature report, and email a link to that feature report. It was working well until late September when the "create feature report" module starting giving me errors. The error is under "Output" and "jobStatus" and reads "esriJobFailed." See attached screenshot. The error doesn't fail the entire process; I'm just emailed a blank email rather than receiving url to the report. I've fiddled with the connections, making sure they were appropriately logged in and refreshed, but no change. Any ideas how to fix this?


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This may be caused by a syntax error in your form.  In version 3.6 we refined the syntax validator to raise errors against invalid expressions that did not trigger any error (or work) before.  Can you try validating the syntax of your template again?  More details about the specific syntax validation changes are listed in 

Let us know if that fixes the problem. From your screenshot, it does not seem like this is an issue with the Integromat module.

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Hi Ismael,

I am having the same problem Chris Montague-Breakwell described above, I am getting a failure status for the output bundle in my "create feature report" module in integromat. I have re uploaded my report template and the syntax has been approved by survey123. I can generate the reports through survey123 and all the data fills in correctly. I am not sure at this point what is holding me back. Do you have anymore information that could help me resolve this issue. I very much need integromat to work with survey123. 


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Hi Michael,

Are you using ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise?  Is the error received exactly the same as reported above?

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I am using AGOL and the error I received was exactly the same, my output bundle was empty and the job status had failed.


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I am having the same issue but only when I submit a form through the web browser.

When I submit a form through the Survey123 field app the Integromat scenario works fine and attaches the feature report to the email. It's only when I edit an existing form through the web browser version that it fails. 


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