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Instance name applied in Survey123 xlsx form looks different between Inbox and Sent folders

06-23-2023 05:55 AM
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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could assist me on an oddity I have encountered. I have an instance name applied to a Survey123 xlsx that pulls the address from the survey captured via a locator. I have ensured the correct "geocode=ID_of_the_locator" value is in the bind::esri:parameters field. When viewing a survey in the inbox, I can see the address pulls in just fine. That is not the case after the same survey was edited and is now sitting in the sent folder. Screen shots attached for examples as well as xlsx.

Here is my expression being used in the instance_name field in the xlsx:

if(${reinspect}='Yes', concat('<font color="red">', "Service Address: " + ${cust_address}," ", "|"," ", "Inspection resent from supervisor? " + ${kickback}, '</font>'), concat('<font color="green">', "Service Address: " + ${cust_address}," ", "|"," ", "Inspection resent from supervisor? " + ${kickback}, '</font>'))

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You should not have both the Inbox and Sent folders enabled.

What is your issue? Just the sent folder instance name not being right? Or is the value not being submitted correctly? If it's just the instance name, fix the issue by only using the Inbox.

If you want the value to re-calculate (i.e. location changes), I believe you need to set a calculationMode=Always.

Is the geocoder used to collect the data in the first place? The Inbox shows existing data, it doesn't show us that it works in Survey123.

[object Object] has in past indicated an issue (bug) or inability to access a value.

Also would suggest not using "hidden" questions that are required. It's not best practice and can cause headaches. Remove the requirement or add a response so that it's easier to debug.

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Thank you for the response. The issue was the sent folder instance name not appearing correctly, as far as I can tell there have been no issues with the survey being submitted.

The geocoder is only used to type in the service address in the initial inspection request (with the correct street nomenclature). We just use the geopoint question to collect the location when our inspector is on site.

Also, thank you for the tip on the hidden questions. Our organization is new to Survey123 and I've been learning on the fly / applying new content as the form gets enhanced with new requests.

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