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Insert Attachments (images) in a Summary Report created in Survey123 Website BUG

02-23-2022 03:08 AM
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I have created a Report template with the following structure:








Until yesterday, 21/02/2022 it worked fine but with the 22/02/2022 release, I got this error:

Fehler: An error occurred when checking the report template. Failed to parse ${FotoAttachment} since printing a map/image or accessing attachment binary is not allowed when iterating records inside a summary section.

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I am having a similar issue; using similar syntax in a report that worked fine before now.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @AngelRomoSandoval  @AlisterBeran ,

Printing images or maps in a summary section has not been supported officially before (see "Other considerations and tips" in this blog).


In the latest Survey123 February update, only aggregated maps are supported outside a repeat in a summary report, please see the Note in the doc. Since the summary report is not designed as a workaround of multiple individual reports, printing images/maps for individual record in a summary report is NOT supported by design.


Can your workflow be completed by using individual reports? If printing an image/map inside a repeat in a summary section is really important to your workflow, please consider raising an enhancement via Esri Support Service, we can take it into design considerations in the future.




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I don't agree that your answer should be accepted as a solution, you don't provide any solution, except to confirm what was already known that the update has broken the functioning of the photos in replays after the summary reports.

It should be mentioned that it was a process that worked before, at least it showed you the first photo of the replay, it is the update that breaks it.

I think your last paragraph is unfortunate. I don't understand that I have to create a service issue when it's not my fault that it stops working but the update.

As I mentioned in my comment the updates are to improve the service and in this case it doesn't do it but makes it worse and you do NOT PROVIDE ALTERNATIVES.

In my case most of the reports are summary with repetitions with photos and the solution you propose is that I create an incident for each one. IT IS NOT LOGICAL that it does not work and that there are no effective alternatives to solve the problem.


Javier C. Martinez Prieto
New Contributor

So has Esri just given up on this update? A year later and it's still not working.

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@AlisterBeran - as noted in the support case. We have an enhancement created for this -  ENH-000147410 - Survey123 Reports could be enhanced by allowing for the printing of maps and images within an iterator or repeat section.



Esri Australia
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Hi Chris, I'm trying to look for the enhancement support case for this but I can't seem to find it. Do you happen to know its status?

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We have adptaded and re-adapted our report several times but we still are having issues with our report.
We can see the squares for the photos but they are empty. It seems like we cannot "get" any data from the photos...




(ESRI France)

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Hi @CarolinaMatoszko ,

We received the case #03004740 raised to Esri Support Service, I got the report template (.docx file) but without the XLSForm file yet. Can you please share both the XLSForm file (.xlsx) and the report template (.docx) with me (zwang[at] I will reply to you in email.

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I don't understand these updates where they break what used to work, the same thing has happened to me.
I have several reports that have to be 100% summary where I had some photos within a repetition, everything worked perfect. now they update it and it breaks.
the last two updates in february broke the reports (no solution for now to get the same as I already had) and in march there have been problems with the dashboard, connecting to the service, updating surveys.....
I know it is updated to improve the program and what it can offer, but every time I see an update I fear the worst.....


no entiendo esas actualizaciones donde se rompe lo que funcionaba, a mi me ha pasado los mismo.
tengo varios informes que tienen que ser 100% summary donde tenia unas fotos dentro de una repetición, todo funcionaba perfecto. ahora lo actualizan y se rompe.
no veas las dos ultimas actualizaciones en febrero se rompe los informes (sin solución por ahora de conseguir lo mismo que ya tenia) y en marzo ha habido problemas con los dashboard, conectarse al servicio, actualizar encuestas.....
se que se actualiza para mejorar el programa y lo que puede ofrecer, pero cada vez que veo que hay una actualización me temo lo peor.....


Javier C. Martinez Prieto