(Inconsistent)Fields with values entered not being submitted to feature service

08-10-2023 09:04 AM
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Good Morning, 

I have a Survey123 form that has been in use for about 3 or 4 years, mostly with no issues.  

Part of the form includes the weather.js script provided by @IsmaelChivite in a blog post (this is a more recent blog post. I can't find the original one I used when javascript functionality was first added).

Some time within the last month, some users (myself included) noticed that the weather data was no longer being included in the generated feature reports.  After some digging, I noticed:

* The fields that the feature report draws from are empty when viewing the feature service data page:



Even though the data is present on the mobile form when submitting (Verified on 3x different devices.  Also, the presence of the value in "Weather" column in the screenshot above shows that at least that field is working, which runs off the same script and pulldata functions)



Odd behavior noted: 

The users/devices that have values not being submitted to the feature service can be identified ahead of time here.   The group header/summary reports the field values, if available.  Some users, like myself, do not see the field values here:



Others do.  The people that can see the values in the weather summary are the ones where the values are actually being submitted (everything works as expected)


Hand-entered values work as expected and are submitted to the feature service (deleting the calculated value and then clicking the recalculate button does not work, however) :


And here is how the values are calculated for the fields:


And the summary:


Any help would be appreciated.  I assume it has something to do with a calculate setting.  If you look at the screenshots of the mobile form that works vs the one that does not, the text color of the fields is different.  If I remember correctly, that has something to do with an auto-calculate/re-calculate setting, but it's been awhile since I messed with that.  It is odd that they are different on different devices though, since everyone is using the same version of the form.  



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