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Inbox instance name not working and inbox map marker change

10-19-2023 08:40 AM
New Contributor II

I'm having trouble changing colors of the instance name for the inbox.  I want fields that have been filled in on the survey to appear green, and those that have not to appear red in the inbox list.  Right now, all are appearing green (see screenshot).

I've been referencing this url:



Is it possible yet to change the map marker symbol within the inbox and color code that?  It would be helpful within the map to identify which surveys have been filled out or not based on the color/style of the marker.

This is the url I've been referencing:



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @Clint

`string-length(${current_usage} != null)` isn't a valid expression. You could use string-length(${current_usage}) > 0 to check that current_usage has a value. 

It is not possible to change the symbology of the Inbox map. We have ENH-000123894 logged for this feature. Please feel free to reach out to Esri Technical Support to be attached to the enhancement and track progress on the feature. 

Thank you,
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New Contributor II

Thank you for the update on the inbox map, Zach.

Even with string-length(${current_usage}) > 0, all customers in the list are still showing up green, even those that "current usage" hasn't been filled out.  Thoughts?


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