Ideas for Updating and/or Responding to Features Collected By the General Public

07-25-2021 04:41 PM
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I am working on a collaborative citizen science project between a host of nonprofits and local and federal governmental agencies where data related to recreational impacts is being collected by citizens at large. Our survey and the collected data are hosted with a county government. We created a Dashboard to share with the federal agencies who will be responsible for responding to actions that are needed in the field.

Right now our process looks like:

1. Citizen scientists collect data
2. Agencies look at the Dashboard and filter out sites that need action based on thresholds set for some of the attributes.
3. Agencies send staff members out in the field to deal with the sites outlined above
4. We need some way to clear the sites outlined above......

We are trying to figure out a way in which the federal agencies can identify the locations (points) that they have responded to and taken action. While we have an option in the survey for a "new survey" or "action" the problem is that we do not have a common naming convention for the sites and we cannot guarantee that all the phone and tablet GPSs are consistent enough to recognize that they are at the same site. Also, about 90 percent of our study area is out of cell phone range. Right now there are ~1,300 sites that have been collected in the first two years of the project. 

I think that this may be pretty common when one agency has a similar project, however in our case the respondents that are taking the actions in the field are not in control of the data. I have thought that we could use the Unique ID field and the affiliated number for the site name, but I do not know if you can link the resurvey and action choices to a feature in this way? My other thought is to create a field that contains a yes/no option for agency action that is set to no as a default and that can be a filter in the Dashboard we created. However, I do not know an efficient way of allowing this field to be changed unless it is on the county's GIS site and is managed by someone like myself.

Any sharing of similar experience or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I would have them see the points in Collector/Field Maps then launch a 123 from there and pass the id over to the form.

This was posted about recently.  Take a look at the links here

Then in the dashboards you can use Arcade to show which ones they have been visited using the FeatureSet function to do a lookup.

Other option is to have 2 forms that point to the same service then use the Inbox in 123.

See this similar post also 

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the response, these links are helpful.

I have a meeting on Monday afternoon so I will pass this by them. I am not sure if they use Collector or Field Maps. We will see.


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