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How to rename form files

03-23-2022 06:58 AM
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I started my new form with default name of "Form 6".  I finished designing the form.  Now I need to rename the Form from "Form 6"  to "NF-79 Procedure Review" including form name, title,  and also all form files.  The problem now is to rename all form files such as *.gpkg,  *.info, *.iteminfo etc.  I renamed all files to from Form 6 name to new form name but some files went back to form 6.  This is where I need help:  is there a way to rename all Form files from "Form 6.*"  to "NF-79 Procedure Review.*" ?    Thanks for your help.

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I have found once you get it wrong the first time forget it and start over.  There may be a way just not worth it.

The trick is to create a new survey from file then make sure to set the name right away before hitting create.


Then copy over any media files manually.  Works for me.

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Thank for your response.  I have read one similar suggestion from one Esri person on starting a new form from existing Form Excel to get all names right.  I may have to go this route if I cannot find other solution.  


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