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How to recreate a the survey results feature layer?

05-04-2023 02:15 PM
New Contributor

Hi ESRI community,

I was experiencing issues with a survey similar to what was found here. where the survey creator could see the submitted records but the viewers could not even though everything was properly shared to the correct groups.

The solution brought me to this post where it was recommended to delete the stakeholder view, recreate it via resharing it through the survey123 site. 

Unique to my case, or unaddressed in that post was that we first came across a message that didn't allow us to delete the stakeholder view since there were dependent hosted feature layers. I thought this would be the survey's results feature layer, so we deleted that first and then was able to successfully delete the stakeholder view and recreate it. 

Now upon trying to recreate the results hosted feature layer via the survey123 site we were hit with errors. I wasn't able to find any help on the topic, other than it was "Not recommended to delete the either the stakeholder view nor the results feature layers" on the ESRI help page

Does anyone know how to recreate a results feature layer after its been deleted? I thought it would work similarly to recreating the stakeholder view, but I guess it doesn't. Not sure if I'm doomed.

Unfortunately no screenshots at the moment, since I was helping the survey creator remotely. 

Thanks for the help.

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Having same issue with shared users not being able to see any results.  Glad I saw this before I deleted the _results layer.  Still have no idea how to fix the problem. 

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