How to grab a path for a file that is too large for attachment

08-11-2022 12:55 PM
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I have a survey which accepts several Excel files as attachments, but sometimes they exceed the 10MB file size limit and the survey fails. It's not uncommon to have files 30+ MB in size. Changing the files themselves is not an option. 

I'm thinking maybe it would work to drop the files onto a shared drive and then pass the path to the survey instead of the file itself. The SQL Server job that picks up new survey results and begins processing them would then be able to pull those files from the path. 

Only I can't find a nice way to get the paths into the survey. All surveys are taken on PCs using the web app, so it's possible to make the full path appear in the Windows explorer window, copy it, and then paste into the survey answer. That's terribly prone to error though. It would be awesome to make a file question, browse to the file, and then somehow calculate the path of the file without having to attach the too-large files, but I haven't seen anything that might work for that.

Can anyone think of a better way to get the path than copy/paste from the location bar in Windows? A better solution to the problem of too-large Excel files?

Note: This survey is built from a feature layer published from SQL Server and writes back to the SQL table, so unfortunately I can't use AGOL and its larger attachment size.

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I don't believe that is currently possible with the built-in features. I would suspect that pulldata would be the most likely solution, but none of those options will get Explorer file path for an attached file (from what I can see).

Could you train users that when they attach a file, they also copy the URI from the Windows Explorer popup and paste it into an associated text box? You could create two scenarios: 1) file size > limit = ignore file, and 2) file size <= limit = process file.

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