Simple Check List in Survey123 Connect?

08-12-2022 04:00 AM
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I am trying to find out if anyone knows of a way to use Survey123 Connect to create simple checklists for traffic signal preventative maintenance inspections?  I originally made the technicians and yes/no form but since they are testing it on cell phones, they asked if there was a way I could just make a checkbox list so they didn't have to scroll through all of the sections of questions which takes a lot longer for them to get through.  

I looked around online and didn't seem to find anywhere that I could put "checkbox" as a single option for "yes" on their questions and I'd prefer to use Survey123 Connect if possible.  I did try it in Survey123 web but wasn't happy with the way it looked and didn't see anyway to customize it there.  

I've included a screenshot of a portion of the paper checklist I am trying to recreate, how it looks in the original form I created, and also what I tried in Survey123 on the web version.

Thank you in advance for any advice and feedback.

Paper form to recreate:


Original form created in Survey123 Connect but too long for field techs on cell phones:


Non-preferred attempt in Survey123 web app:


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Thank you Jose.  That doesn't seem to be working for me.  Is it because I only have one option?  I've included a sample of my spreadsheet and what it looks like in Connect after saving.  (I did change the 'yes' to completed since they just want a checklist to mark each item once their task is completed).

Excel Table Survey Tab:


Excel Table Choices Tab:


Connect View after changes:


I'm truly stumped.  (I'm also fairly new to making these custom forms so there is definitely a learning curve. 😋)

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Based on my very quick glance, you are using field-list rather that table-list for your appearance.

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Sorry. I had a feeling something else was off and had another quick look. For your choices, you should only have one option:


Your current set-up is pretty redundant. Change all of your select_one to select_one complete.

Everything else should be okay.

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