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Linking GIS Enterprise with Power Automate

08-10-2022 12:55 PM
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We just got Power Automate and the use with AGOL is quite straight forward. However, I am running into an issue when I try and link my Enterprise account with Power Automate via an Application on Enterprise and a custom connector on Power Automate. Esri, has an amazing article explaining the process, however, once I get to the last step It seems as though the connection fails. I run into an issue on step 7, after I log into my Enterprise the operations on the Power automate window do not run, I am not even sure the log in completes.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, we are very eager to start integrating Power Automate into our surveys!

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I put together a guide for setting up Power Automate and Enterprise. Hopefully this helps. 

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