How to get address from geopoint field?

04-28-2020 03:41 AM
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I've a survey form that is created on Survey123 Connect. There is a part that specifies the location of the user. Is it possible to get the address information as a text field that show the street and the no etc. 

Actually I've tried " pulldata("@geopoint",${the_location},"reversegeocode") " on the calculation field but it gives the address as JSON format, so I can't use it dşrectly on the dashboard.

Would be glad if you could help. 

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Hello Didem, 

We have a GeoNet Article that goes through the workflow of reverse geocoding in ArcGIS Survey123. 

Please use this link for a reference regarding the article: 

If you are looking specifically for the full address you can specify only the Match address JSON to be returned, or if you are looking for a shorter label you can use the ShortLabel object. 

For example, the pulldata syntax can look like pulldata("@geopoint",${the_location},"reversegeocode.address.Match_addr") for the full address or pulldata("@geopoint",${the_location},"reversegeocode.address.ShortLabel") for just the street name and address number. 

Another option is to use another pulldata function to extract components from the JSON response you currently have. 

For example, you can create a new text question and do something like: pulldata("@json",${reversegeocode_json},"address.Address") to return the address.

In Survey123 Connect we have a sample that goes through the second workflow. If you were to create a new survey when you are specifying the New Survey information you can select the option for Samples and towards the bottom, there is a Reverse Geocode sample. 

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Thank you for your time and help!

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