How to enable vertex in Smart Sketching

03-25-2021 08:36 AM
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Hi Pedro,

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking in this post, but I'm guessing you'd like to use smart sketching to digitise a line or polygon and then edit the vertices?

If so, this is possible in the Survey123 field app. The trick is to give the user the ability to switch between capture methods in the survey itself. This can be accomplished by including a select_one question for selecting the capture method, and then reference it for the method= parameter in the body::esri:style column for the geotrace/geoshape question.

The user would first select a Capture method of sketch, digitise the geometry using smart sketch, accept the geometry in the map widget and return to the survey. Then they would change the Capture method to vertex, tap on the mag widget and choose to edit the existing geometry. Now that the vertex method is selected, the user gets the option to edit each vertex (as opposed to only re-drawing when the vertex method is selected).



I've attached an xlsform example. Hope this helps,


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No, i want to do a sketch with vertex method using the same example "Images and Annotation" - Annotate (method=map), that provide a basemap as background image. I was only able to draw with Smart Sketching.
The method vertex is useful to a draw with better precision.
And this drawing will be an attachment to the form.

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