How to collaboratively edit/develop a survey on Survey123?

07-26-2023 10:22 AM
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Is it possible to share a survey via Survey123 so that team members can collaboratively edit/develop the survey? Our concern right now is not sharing responses, but there are three of us that are each developing a different portion of the survey (web builder, Excel, and Word report templates). Right now, however, only the one team member who created the survey is able to edit the content, upload templates, and test thing accordingly. If there is a way to share ownership of a survey and allow multiple teammates to edit the survey itself, please let me know how!

Thanks so much.

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Hello @EleanorSwensson,

Survey ownership can be shared for surveys created in the Survey123 website, but unfortunatly at this time is not supported in Survey123 Connect. Please see the Share survey ownership documentation for more information. 

We have ENH-000138091 logged to support this in Connect in the future but is in our backlog. Please feel free to reach out to Esri Technical Support to attach yourself to the enhancement so you can track status changes on the feature. 


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