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Export Nested Survey123 Images to SharePoint using MS Flow

07-28-2023 12:29 AM
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I've seen lots of guidance around setting up a flow for sending images from a survey via email and to also uploading images to SharePoint (see below).

Having followed both I've now successfully got a flow which lists all photo urls and has the ability to upload individual images to SharePoint (attached).

I now however have a problem around sending requests for multiple photos which are nested within a single question.

If I send individual requests (i.e. for surveys with only 1 Image) the flow runs successfully however if the nested survey question has 2 images associated I get a forbidden error as its sending 2 requests using the same token which individually work fine.

Are there any workarounds on delaying apply to each iterations or am I missing something with the token authorisation?

Any help or guidance much appreciated as this has been keeping me awake at night!

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