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How to change size of form in Survey 123 Web

03-28-2019 04:17 PM
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We are using Survey 123 Connect to create a survey from a feature class. We're running into a minor aesthetic problem with one of our questions. We want the answer choices to be in the same row, so we went with 'horizontal-compact' for appearance. It seems like there isn't enough room on the page so one of the answer choices is forced to go into a new row below. Is there a way to change how wide the web form is in order to 'stretch' it and have that answer choice back in the same row as the others?

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Hi Adam,

At this time, you can't alter the width of the form.  This is being considered as a potential enhancement in the future; if you could suggest this in ArcGIS Ideas (or add on to a similar one), that would be helpful.

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I have a similar problem, just silly that we can't change that. I added this as an idea: 

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Hi @AdamBakiera ,

In order to make the survey form appear wider in the browser to fit more choices in a row, you can append "width" as a parameter to the und of your web form URL. 








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This is a great way to adjust the width of a form for use in the web app.  Is there a way to adjust the width of a form in the Survey123 field app?  I hope to fit as much on one screen as possible.

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You might look into grids and pages for more efficient use of screen real estate in the Survey123 App.  The downside is that you're only able (as far as I'm aware) to design a survey for one type of device/orientation. If you set up grids for a tablet in landscape mode and then someone with a smartphone uses the survey, they are going to have a rough time using the form in the app because it doesn't resize the elements. 

There's a template in Survey123 Connect called Grids Layout that is very helpful, especially when it comes to spanning groups/repeats that are nested in other groups.

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Cheers! Great resource.

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