How to change size of form in Survey 123 Web

03-28-2019 04:17 PM
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We are using Survey 123 Connect to create a survey from a feature class. We're running into a minor aesthetic problem with one of our questions. We want the answer choices to be in the same row, so we went with 'horizontal-compact' for appearance. It seems like there isn't enough room on the page so one of the answer choices is forced to go into a new row below. Is there a way to change how wide the web form is in order to 'stretch' it and have that answer choice back in the same row as the others?

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Hi Adam,

At this time, you can't alter the width of the form.  This is being considered as a potential enhancement in the future; if you could suggest this in ArcGIS Ideas (or add on to a similar one), that would be helpful.

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I have a similar problem, just silly that we can't change that. I added this as an idea: 

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Hi @AdamBakiera ,

In order to make the survey form appear wider in the browser to fit more choices in a row, you can append "width" as a parameter to the und of your web form URL. 








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This is a great way to adjust the width of a form for use in the web app.  Is there a way to adjust the width of a form in the Survey123 field app?  I hope to fit as much on one screen as possible.

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