How do you access surveys created by another user in your organization. We want to look at and edit the surveys created using Survey123 connect, but only surveys created in my username show up, not other users in our organization.

10-30-2019 08:02 AM
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We are trying to share and edit the created surveys that were created by one user in our organization with another user. Currently when looking at Survey123 Connect, only surveys that the logged on user created appear, we would like to see the surveys created by other users in our organization and copy and edit those surveys at our discretion. 

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Hi Sean,

You may be able to do this by going to that user's content in your Organization:

1.  Organization tab

2.  Members tab > search for user

3.  Click the 3-dot button next to the user > Manage Items:

4.  Click the 3-dot next to the Form > Edit in Survey123 Connect:

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Hi. Only the owner of a survey can make modifications to the survey. In Connect, you can use surveys created by others (and shared with you) as a starting point to your own, but when you hit publish you will be creating your own survey under your own account, rather than modifying someone else's survey.

ArcGIS accounts with administrative privileges can change the ownership of ArcGIS items. If you plan on changing the ownership of a survey:

  • Login into your ArcGIS Online organization's portal using admin credentials
  • Open the Organization tab
  • Click on Members
  • Look for the owner of the survey and select Manage Items
  • Find the survey folder and select all items within the folder (The Form, Feature Layer, Views...)
  • Click on Change Owner. Then select the new owner and choose to create a new folder with the same name as the original survey before completing the ownership change
  • A new folder will be created with your Form, Views and Feature Layer in the target user's content
  • Go into Connect, login and you will be able to now download and update the survey with the new owner of the survey.

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Is there any chance of this functionality being available in an update in the future?

I think this would be a great feature. My company hasn't been using Survey123 very long, but we have already been hung up a few times because of the fact you can't edit someone else's Survey. It would be great for others to be able to familiarize themselves with someone else's project and then be able to fill in for them if the Survey needs to be quickly edited if something arises. Especially when the original creator may be out of the office or on vacation and quick action is needed.

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Hi Keith,

We have recently introduced the capability to have co-authors for surveys designed with the web designer.  To take advantage of this, create a Shared update group (see Create groups—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation ) and add the people who need to co-author into it.

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If I change the ownership like you indicate above and make the changes to the survey that I need, can I change the ownership back to the original owner when I'm done with without breaking the survey? The owner is away and I have edits to make for folks to use the survey tomorrow, so I need to make some changes this one time. I'm afraid I will break the survey by changing the ownership back and forth. 

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Hi Ismael,

The ability to create a copy based on a form that exists in AGOL was a huge benefit, however I noticed in Connect 3.16 with the way it was changed to allow you to create a survey based off of any existing feature layer, the ability to create a copy of an existing FORM seems to have vanished.

Is there something I'm missing to be able to create this work flow again?

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Same issue I am seeing as well.  I can only create a survey from a feature layer, no the actual survey form.  When I create based on this the format is different and not an actually copy of original.

Have you found an answer yet?

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If you just want to play with a copy of another user's survey, you can do it in Connect.

1. Create a "New Survey"

2. Switch "initial XLSForm design" to "My Organization"

3. Create Survey

As Ismael said above, this does not make your the owner or publisher. It's just making a copy in your name, that you can edit.

If what you want to do is mutually manage surveys with other collaborators, then we had a similar need. ("One person goes on vacation and we can't update the form" was a real issue.) The work-around we use is a shared account for our group. We publish our forms with the shared account. Then we all have access.

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Thanks all, those seem to provide the best work around. As an organizational use i wish ESRI would allow an easier means of working with other users in the organization, or at least add another setting to allow editing by someone other than the creator for forms.