How do I add a submitted and reviewed field in a survey using Survey123?

06-22-2020 09:59 AM
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I have created 2 surveys 1 for initial submission and a second to review that submission. I need to create a field that says submitted once the first survey has been submitted and one fro review when the survey has been reviewed. Any help will be appreciated.

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Hello Wade, Bryan‌, 

Assuming you are building your feature service's schema from Survey123 Connect and not creating a survey based on an existing service, one option would be to publish a survey that has two hidden questions one for submitted and one for reviewed. Since they are hidden questions they will be string field types by default but this can be changed in the bind::esri:fieldType column. 

For the submitted question you can make the default answer 1 for yes, or 'True' however you would like to acknowledge the survey was submitted. For the reviewed question you can make the default 0 for no, or 'False'. Since they are hidden with a default answer whenever someone submits a survey those fields will always be populated. 

You can then create a view of the feature service and create your review survey based on that view layer. The schema will come down and if you don't want the submitted question in the review survey you can remove that question. If you want the review question to be available for modification you can keep it as a text question or whichever field type is chosen. That way when you enable the Inbox on the review survey (assuming you are editing in the field app this is not needed if you are editing using the web form URL parameters), whoever is reviewing the survey can change the value from 0 or 'False' to 1 or 'True'. 

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