Can bind esri parameters be used to Allow Null values to False?

06-01-2020 10:51 AM
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I have a simple form that can also be used in Collector.  I was to set fields to required - which means set Allow Null values to false.  

I tried just required=yes hoping 123 set the property on the service but it did not.  

So next I was hoping I could use bind::esri::parameters for this.  I cannot find any doc on it though.  Is this possible?  Syntax?

I tried using AGOL also but, while I can see the property, I cannot seem to change it.  I would have to over publish from Pro or Map maybe?

My end goal is snapping or tracing over the top of existing features (NHD lines).  I tried using Linked content map but no features ever show up in it.  I found a post that said wait for it but still nothing.  I am leaning towards Collector for the snapping which 123 does not have.  Collector does not seem to snap very well however.


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Hi Doug,

Apologies for the delay in response.  You are correct, setting required=yes will not turn off the 'Allow null values' field option.  You would need to publish from ArcGIS Pro if you have a requirement for non-null at the database level.

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